bit by bit.

At iSimplifi we believe this is the secret to making it easier for clients to use and understand their computers: find the core of a task, explain and demonstrate it in simple, user-friendly terms and leave the client with understandable notes on how to accomplish the task on his/her own. The last bit… allow them to pick up the phone and call if assistance is needed.

We are passionate about equipping people with information that will help them move from frustration behind the computer to “Yes, I can do this!”

Simply put, we are about simplifying! Bit by bit


Debbie Laubscher
Even though my career started about twenty years ago as an Entomologist, I started my own computer training business 10 years ago. I specialize in one-on-one training for clients behind their own computers. My clientele varies from an 18 year old fearfull grade 12 CAT student to a 96 year old pilot (2nd World War veteran) and I’m grateful to be able to offer my training to a broader field.

Debbie Laubscher
Business Owner